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WRG 7th Edition Ancients

WRG 7th edition is a set  of rules for the Ancient Period (3000BC to 1485 AD produced by the Wargames Research Group and probably the best set they produced.  Extremely popular in it's hey-day, now it has a loyal and enthusiastic band of followers who get together regularly.  We're always looking for more players, if you're interested in getting involved click here.


There are regular competitions for 7th edition, spread throughout the year.  These are:
Last Chance, usually in February.
Contact: Steve Pearce.
The Summer Solstice Pagan Bash, in June.
Contact: Oliver Gammon.
World Team Championships, always the first weekend in October.

Competition Ranking

Alongside the competitions there is a rankings ladder,  this is used to determine the 1st round draw in each competition.  The ranking system is your total aggregate score divided by the number of games you have played in the year.

Army lists

The latest set of army lists published in 2016, fully compatible with both WRG 6th and 7th edition Ancient Wargames Rules, containing 374 lists, 7th edition to 6th edition conversion chart and 7th edition clarifications.  All the lists in one book.  There are only 9 copies available before reprinting is necessary.
There are also amendment sheets and an alphabetical listing of all the armies.
The lists are available for £30 including postage in the UK.
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